This is definitely a rough first for any mother to go through! Kelly Clarkson and husband Brandon Blackstock recently left their kids at home for the first time while they travelled to Minneapolis, MN for the NFL Tailgate Party ahead of Super Bowl LII — which Kelly performed at! — and she might have felt just slightly panicky.

“This is legit the first time they’re not with me,” the “Piece by Piece” singer revealed to E! News over the big sports weekend. “It’s because they’re not allowed in any of the shows because you have to be 21 and over. I didn’t want them just sitting in a hotel. My husband was like, ‘Yeah we should probably just leave them back home!’ He’s like a dude who is like, ‘Let’s have a date night!'” Clearly, Brandon was a little more calm in this parenting situation.

“We did get really good sleep last night,” the mom-of-two did confess. But while Kelly found it difficult to leave three-year-old River Rose and one-year-old Remington Alexander, River was barely phased! “She didn’t give a crap!” Kelly jokingly added.

“I’m panicked,” the American Idol alum continued. “This is so morbid but before I left my house, on a notepad, I wrote, ‘If something happens, my children go to…’ I feel so worried when we’re not with them! I’m not paranoid. I’m a planner!” Maybe this is taking it too far, but any new mother can relate to this difficult situation! It’s never easy leaving the kids home while traveling, especially when it’s the first time.

Back in January, Kelly revealed that she and Brandon were “absolutely” done having children, saying, “They are challenging. Wine is necessary.” But she also couldn’t help but gush about the good things about her kids. “They’re great though. Out of the mouths of babes. They say stuff where you’re like ‘Damn.’ They call you out. They teach me,” the 35-year-old said. “I hope with our two boys and our two girls that they see their parents as successful, loving, and respectful people because that’s what we want for them. I know it sounds silly but kids teach you to be a better human.”

“I think when you’re younger and in this kind of industry where everyone is always applauding you — or talking bad or good about you — they’re still talking about you and it’s so hard to not drink your punch,” she continued. “I’m going to teach my kids to do what they love, regardless if they’re the most famous person doing it. Love what you do. Love who you work with and don’t work with people you don’t and don’t do things you don’t love.” So sweet!