She may be an adult and have kids of her own now, but Kelly Clarkson still recalls how difficult it is to be a child, especially in today’s society.

The 36-year-old was recently at the STX Entertainment presentation at 2019 CinemaCon in The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, and began to discuss her most recent film, Uglydolls — the singer voices a character named Moxie in it. “I think when you’re a little kid you obviously dream that I’m going to be a princess one day and I’m going to be the voice of it and then I saw Uglydolls and the character Moxie and I thought, this is totally more me.”

The American Idol alum continued and revealed the strong connection she had to the character. “I was like this is actually perfect for my personality. My character is 100 percent me. Especially having kids as well,” she said, adding that she understands how tough children have it these days. “We have kids of all ages in our family, and it’s a very hard time being a kid. I mean, being a kid is already hard before social media, but now everything is under a magnifying glass, Everyone expects perfection and that’s ridiculous.”

She added, “We teach in our household that unique is just as cool. The movie attracted me for the message. The first song I heard was Nick Jonas, which is hilarious but also mean, but very funny. That was the first song I heard and I was like I’m in.”

The hitmaker is a mother to daughter River Rose, 4, and son Remington Alexander, 2, with her husband of six years, Brandon Blackstock. And while The Voice judge is of course a major star, she doesn’t exactly want her kids to follow the same route. “I hope they are teachers or doctors or something,” she joked to reporters at a press conference for the NBC singing competition.

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She added, “It’s a hard industry.” That’s why Kelly doesn’t want to see her kids have to push themselves past their abilities to succeed in Hollywood. “I seriously hope they are tone deaf,” she joked again.

Well it’s pretty clear that Kelly is all about her kids!