Sing it, Kelly Clarkson! The Grammy-winning artist completely blew away her fans when she performed a cover of Lady Gaga and Bradley Coopers hit song “Shallow” from A Star Is Born during her Meaning of Life tour in Green Bay, Wisconsin just a few days ago.

While onstage, Kelly, 36, explained to the audience that she loves to do covers because even though “there’s a lot of competition always with artists in the industry, there’s a lot of us that just dig each other and we really get inspired by each other.” Watch her amazing “Shallow” performance in the video below!

As musicians, Kelly and Gaga, 32, have always been very supportive of each other’s careers. “This chick is amazing,” Kelly gushed about her talented friend. “I’ve been rooting for her for a while and this song, I love it. It’s from the movie she’s nominated for like a billion awards for, and I hope she wins.”

Lady Gaga already won a Grammy for “Shallow” with Bradley, 44, and she’s nominated for an Oscar for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for A Star Is Born. “We’re really different but at the same time we’re really similar in the fact that she just loves music and that’s why she’s doing what she’s doing,” Kelly said about Gaga.

“Honestly, I remember her first single, we actually did a show together combined for some event and she is one of the only artists that has ever — she wrote me a hand-written note saying, ‘Thank you so much, it was an honor to open for you,'” she continued. “She was the nicest human being ever!”

A Star Is Born


Although Kelly messed up a verse while performing “Shallow,” she apologized to the audience and told them that she was just very excited to sing one of her favorite songs. “I messed that one verse up,” she said. “I like that my favorite part is ‘keeping it so hardcore,’ so I just sang it too early, but it’s my favorite part.”