For Katie Couric’s fiancé John Molner, proposing to Katie meant gaining two adult step-daughters, and the talk show host admits that her beau is still getting used to life as the only male.

“My fiancé is still kind of dealing with all the estrogen levels in the house,” the producer shared at the Sundance Film Festival, where she is promoting her new documentary. “We are a group of strong women with very strong opinions.”

katie couric

Katie Couric with daughter Ellie promoting the host’s new documentary

And though John was unable to join her at the Park City, UT festival, the blonde beauty had plenty to do, including screenings for her debut documentary “Fed Up,” which explores the epidemic of childhood obesity.

“I’ve been to Park City because I covered the Olympics here, but this is my first time as a filmmaker, which my fiancé is really proud of me for,” the 57-year-old said.

So how does the Yahoo News anchor stay looking so young despite her insanely busy schedule?

“Well it takes a village,” Katie laughed. “I’d just like to thank my hair stylist and my makeup artist.

“I try to exercise a lot as well,” she added. “I mean I’m not as healthy as I probably should be, but I just try to stay healthy and…do things [I] care about.

“I think that’s a way to stay vibrant and also feel young no matter what, even despite the crow’s feet,” she smiled.