More than a decade after the 2008 premiere of 27 Dresses, the beloved movie’s cast recently reunited for Entertainment Weekly‘s first ever rom-com issue. The film’s stars, Katherine Heigl, James Marsden, Malin Akerman and Ed Burnsspoke about the iconic movie in the new magazine and dished on why they think it’s remained a favorite all these years later.

“I don’t think anybody ever knows when you’re filming something that it’s going to stand the test of time,” James, 45 — who played handsome reporter Kevin who saw the lead character Jane’s unusual story as a way to ditch his newspaper’s bridal beat — recalled. “I think there’s a sincerity to the movie that gives it legs.”

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With the cute flick still loved by lots of fans today, Katherine — who played Jane — suggested the movie should have a sequel! “I think it would be awesome to see, seriously, what are their lives like ten years later? Do [George and Tess] end up together? I personally think they did,” she said, referring to Ed and Malin’s characters.

With the Suits actress, 40, clearly on board for more 27 Dresses, we’re already freaking out about the prospect of a sequel being made. As for the next movie’s storyline, Katherine has already figured that out, too, and suggested that her now-married character, Jane — who, in the original movie, spent her time questioning her role as an eternal bridesmaid for the first time in her life — would be unsuccessfully trying to conceive while going from being a marathon wedding guest to a repeat godmother, having to plan and take care of milestone events for her friends like she did for their weddings.

Actress Katherine Heigl and James Marsden sighting filming scenes for their new movie "27 Dresses"
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““I think Tess and George have, like, three kids and she’’s made Jane the godmother every time,” the Grey’s Anatomy alum joked. “So Jane has to plan the christenings and the baby showers and the gender-reveal parties, but then all the other bridesmaids [also] make her the godmother. But Jane and Kevin can’’t get pregnant.””

Since the first movie was so well-received, it seems like it would be a no-brainer that they create a sequel to the treasured movie. Plus, ten years later, Malin, also 40, admitted that 27 Dresses is still the film she gets asked about most. And according to Katherine, director Anne Fletcher is pretty interested in the idea, too. Perhaps she shouldn’t hang up her dresses just yet!