Before she won an Oscar and became one of the most beloved actors of her generation, Kate Winslet was shockingly once warned she would only play the “cute, fat best friend” roles in movies.

“[When I was 13, I was told] by a drama teacher that if I continued to be overweight I would really only get a chance to play the cute, fat best friend role or the ugly sister parts,” the 40-year-old actress confessed in a new interview.

“I remember thinking, ‘Oh, you’re so wrong!’ That kind of spurred me on,” Kate continued.

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Kate winning her Oscar in February 2009.

After receiving this harsh criticism early on in her acting career, the Titanic star admitted she considered giving up on her Hollywood dreams. “I was always the kid at the end of the line because my [last] name began with W, and I always had big feet and I was always wearing the wrong thing,” she told [People](,,2098575220987296,00.html)_.

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“I remember having a moment where I thought to myself, ‘This is so stupid. This is just a waste of my train fare getting myself into London for auditions,'” Kate continued.

“[But] I remember thinking to myself, ‘You’ve just got to keep going for it,'” she added.