You know all about Kate Middleton, of course, but do you know who doesn’t get the spotlight on him very often? The Duchess of Cambridge’s little brother, James Middleton. But, lucky for you, a gander at his newly-public Instagram account can give you quite the peek into his life!

Now that James’ Instagram account has surfaced, let’s just say that the man is all about nature, adventure and animals. We’re talking about dogs, birds, sheep and more. James is obviously not shy about having a furry creature in a photo with him. The English socialite, who is also the brother of Pippa Middleton, is a businessman who is affiliated with Boomf, a UK company that delivers personalized gifts through the mail. But it’s clear by this social media platform that when he isn’t working, he’s hanging with pets. They’re better than humans anyway, right?

Scroll down to check out the best photos from James’ Instagram! 

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