Want to look as stunning as Kate Middleton on your wedding day? We're here to help! Kate became the Duchess of Cambridge when she tied the knot with Prince William in a lavish royal wedding back in April 2011 — and her iconic wedding-day look is still highly coveted by brides all over the world today!

Kate herself relied on her longtime hairstylists James Pryce and Richard Ward — of London’s Richard Ward salon — to give her the perfect "demi-chignon" on her special day. At the time, Pryce and Ward described the bride's elegant hair as "an updo style which combined a classic bridal look with a regal, couture finish." Watch the video tutorial below to get Kate's wedding hair!

"Her look had to obviously be kept totally confidential. The hair was purposely styled off the shoulders so that the detail of her dress would be shown," Ward previously told People. "[Kate] was very involved in her chosen style and the bridal look was based on her own personal preference. It was really a matter of getting a fine balance of feeling natural but also reflected the occasion."

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According to Ward, the Duchess went through two hours of intensive hair prep the night before her wedding — which included a wash, blow-dry, and curl-setting — to ensure her gorgeous brunette locks would be picture-perfect the next day. Beginning at 6:30 a.m. on the morning of her nuptials, Kate again endured two hours of hairstyling. And because of all that hard work, Kate looked like one beautiful royal bride!