Looks like Prince Louis won’t be getting a younger sibling after all. Duchess Kate revealed her husband, Prince William, is done having kids when she spoke with a royal fan at Khidmat Centre in Bradford, Yorkshire on Wednesday, January 15.

“I don’t think William wants any more,” she said after fan Josh Macpalce told her he celebrated each one of her children’s births. Josh, who has autism and DiGeorge syndrome, then held out his arms and embraced the Duchess of Cambridge.

“Thank you for the hug,” Kate, 38, told him.

Kate Middleton

In April 2018, Kate welcomed her third child, Prince Louis, after she previously gave birth to Princess Charlotte in May 2015 and Prince George in July 2013. As the oldest of the bunch, George, 6, doesn’t mind looking after his siblings when they need him.

“George loves boasting to friends that he’s a big brother,” a source previously told Life & Style. “And he is extremely protective over Louis. He’s even been known to sneak out of bed at night so that he can fall asleep in the nursery next to his baby brother.” Aww!

However, Princess Charlotte, 4, had to learn how to be an older sibling. It didn’t come natural to her. “[She] was slightly jealous of Louis since she loves to be the center of attention,” the source noted. “But now she’s gotten used to him being around and treats him like a little doll.”

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The kids have also gotten used to having their baby cousin Archie around. “They dote on him,” a different source told Us Weekly. “Charlotte treats Duchess Meghan and [Prince] Harry’s son like a little doll and is always asking about him.” How cute!

George and Charlotte also make sure they give the same type of attention to Louis. Whenever they’re out playing, they “include him in their activities” so the little royal doesn’t feel left out. 

Kate and William are definitely raising their children well!