At least they have a sense of humor! When Prince Charles suffered a minor wardrobe malfunction during the RAF centenary celebration on Tuesday, July 10, his daughter-in-law Kate Middleton couldn’t help but giggle at the unfortunate moment.

As Charles and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, exited Westminster Abbey after the RAF service, the noticeably flustered 69-year-old royal was photographed struggling to put on a pair of white gloves that completed his military uniform. Thankfully, Camilla, 70, stepped in to help her husband with his gloves before the couple walked outside.

prince charles wardrobe malfunction

The funniest part, however, was that Kate, 36, was spotted laughing at Charles during his whole wardrobe debacle. She was photographed giggling at the future King of England struggling with his outfit before Charles himself cracked a smile and started laughing right along with the Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate’s reaction to Charles’ slight wardrobe malfunction was interestingly not the only priceless reaction the mom-of-three had during the RAF celebration. During the church service, Prince William, was filmed uncontrollably giggling at something during there ceremony — and Kate caught her husband having his unfiltered moment.

After Kate asked William what exactly he was laughing at, the Prince was able to collect himself and regain his composure during the serious event. Whew! One day earlier, the Cambridges’ daughter, Princess Charlotte, had her own viral moment when she uttered a sassy comment to photographers waiting outside Prince Louis’ christening on Monday, July 9.

After the baby’s church blessing, Charlotte didn’t hesitate to let the media know that although they could snap photos of her family outside the chapel, they were definitely not invited to the Cambridges’ private tea for Louis following the ceremony.

prince louis christening

According to the Daily Mail, Charlotte told the photographers, “You’re not coming,” as she walked hand-in-hand with her older brother, Prince George, and dad William into Clarence House after Louis’ baptism. You tell ’em, Charlotte!

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