It’s only been one week since Meghan Markle announced she’s expecting her first baby with her husband, Prince Harry, but Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton‘s maternity designer, Séraphine, is already excited about potentially working on the Duchess of Sussex’s style while she’s pregnant.

“We learned with everybody, But, you know, everybody was expecting it, right? After the royal wedding, we thought it’s going to come sooner than later, so I think we were already thinking about some ideas,” the owner of the brand, Cecile Reinaud, shared with E! News. “And anyway, because she is a style icon, she is an inspiration to designers. So in our design journey, we are taking an account of Meghan’s style… So for sure, her influence had started in our collection before her pregnancy.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
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The royal family’s relationship with Seráphine first began when Kate, 36, famously wore the Fuschia Knot Front Maternity in her first official photo with Prince George, now 5, in 2013. “That was kind of the start of the relationship between Séraphine and Kate Middleton maternity,” Reinaud added. “And then in her second pregnancy [with Princess Charlotte], you know, she started to show a little bit earlier and we worked with her and we worked on pieces for her official occasions, which is not something that we had done in her first pregnancy.”

Since Seráphine has worked with both Kate and her sister, Pippa, in the past, they’ve been thinking about dressing Meg for a long time now. “We are super excited at the prospect that we could work with Meghan and dress her. I love the fact that she has a very modern look. She wears a lot of trousers, but in a very chic way. So to me, she exemplifies more that kind of sharp, office look that you can take from day to night — very versatile and aligned to what a lot of our customers’ lifestyle is,” Reinaud confessed.

She continued, “Obviously since she’s been married, she’s starting to do a lot more of these kinds of really formal events but still she is doing some more casual events and so we are really excited for that kind of different look. And I think she does want to be a little more on the high fashion side, rather than too classical. She’s looking for that fashion with a twist, and that’s also something we offer at Séraphine.”

The brand is known for being very affordable — and has also been worn by other celebs including Gwen Stefani and Jessica Alba. “When I started the brand, I was in my 30s and I wanted it to be affordable because I felt that’s what I needed,” Reinaud shared. “I felt like you do have to rebuild your wardrobe when you’re pregnant. You want to be able to have a big variety in your wardrobe and I also wanted the pieces to be really versatile, that they could be worn post-pregnancy, you know so that you could nurse in them. It was really the ethos of the brand to keep that affordability. It’s been great to see that [royals and celebrities] endorse the brand not because of the price point, but because of the actual high quality of the product and the design.” We’ve loved Meg’s maternity style thus far, and we can’t wait to see what else she’ll come out in over the next few months (hopefully designed by Seráphine)!

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