Even amid the media’s constant fixation on the Duchess of Cambridge’s every nuance, we never thought we’d be talking about Kate Middleton‘s fingers of all things. But these are peculiar times, and the 36-year-old royal‘s digits are actually the topic du jour.

Kate recently visited Pegasus Primary School in Oxford, England with her pregnant physique elegantly clad in a cream-colored coat. When she wasn’t waving to the schoolchildren, she was gripping a black clutch… and that’s when outlets such as the Daily Mail took notice of something a bit strange about Kate’s fingers. “Photographs taken of the pregnant mother-of-two indicate that, unusually, the central three fingers of her hands are almost the same length,” the outlet marveled. “Most people’s middle fingers are noticeably longer than their index or fourth fingers.”

kate middleton fingers getty images

Other news organizations made rapturous declarations that verged on exaggeration. “Kate Middleton snapped with fingers the same length on royal visit,” the Daily Star said in a tweet. “Kate Middleton’s fingers are all exactly the same length,” tweeted the Journal Post, apparently forgetting about Kate’s shorter pinky finger.

The Daily Mail also reported on all the alleged implications of having relatively long index fingers. “A long index finger also correlates strongly with a lower risk of early heart disease, and, in women, a higher risk of breast cancer and greater fertility. People with relatively long index fingers have also been found to be more likely to suffer from schizophrenia, allergies, eczema, and hay fever.”

However, as Good Housekeeping noted, this “#FingerGate conspiracy” is much ado about nothing. Other photos from the very same royal engagement show Kate’s right middle finger extending beyond the two surrounding fingers. Her index finger doesn’t even seem that long — even her ring finger seems longer. Crazily, this isn’t even the first time the media has made a hubbub about Kate’s digits. When she and husband Prince William took off their shoes to pay a visit to India’s Gandhi Smriti museum in 2016, headlines made note of Kate’s “tortured feet” and her “clawed toes.”

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