The royal family’s 2017 Christmas Card photo may be their best snapshot to date, but fans were quick to point out one particularly strange aspect of the pic after it was released on Monday, Dec. 18. In the portrait, Prince William and Kate Middleton, both 35, proudly pose with their two young children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, with the fab foursome wearing matching blue outfits. While William can be seen adorably holding onto his son’s shoulders and Kate’s left hand is resting on her skirt, the Duchess’ right arm is totally missing in the pic!

Of course, people immediately took to social media to hilariously comment on Kate’s mysterious missing limb. “Petition to recover Kate Middleton’s lost arm,” one person wrote on Twitter. Another added on Instagram, “Where has Kate’s right hand disappeared to?” Though Kate’s appendage is presumably just tucked behind her husband’s back, the image does seem a little strange once you take a closer look!

kate middleton instagram

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Interestingly, Kate’s arm wasn’t the only part of the pic that had fans talking. Though the Duchess showed off her stunning diamond and sapphire engagement ring in the snapshot, William’s left ring finger was noticeably ring-less. “Why doesn’t William wear a wedding band?” one person wrote on Instagram. In the past, the Duke has stated he forgoes wearing a wedding ring simply due to a “personal preference” of not liking jewelry.

After carefully viewing the new royal family portrait, fans also noticed that four-year-old George always wears shorts and his left sock is pulled up much higher than his right sock (so cute!). Comments were also made about on how much two-year-old Charlotte looks like her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth! “Such a beautiful family. ❤ That little Charlotte is the spitting image of the Queen!” one individual wrote on Instagram. Additionally, people thought it was strange that pregnant Kate doesn’t seem to have a baby bump in the pic — Kensington Palace explained it was taken “earlier this year” — and wondered if the family’s all-blue ensembles might be hinting at the gender of baby No. 3.

All funny comments aside, one thing is for certain — William, Kate, George, and Charlotte’s newest Christmas card is beyond stunning. We can’t wait to see next year’s portrait!  

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