It seems Kate Hudson‘s New Year’s resolution is to get fit for her family! On Monday, Dec. 17, the 39-year-old star announced she has signed on to be WW’s newest brand ambassador. “Health and wellness is my number one [priority] and I always say that what works for me doesn’t work for everyone. I believe that we need to celebrate diversity in how each individual wants to celebrate their bodies,” Kate began an Instagram post about her new partnership with WW, which was formerly known as Weight Watchers.

“We aren’t all going to enjoy the same workouts, outdoor activities, foods, etc. I’ve become an Ambassador for the WW family because it is the perfect community for people to live healthy their own way and I love sharing this knowledge with you all! This is not a community for people who just want to lose weight, although leading a healthy lifestyle lends itself to such, this is a community about supporting each other through a lifelong journey of wellness. I’m so happy to share this with everyone,” Kate continued, adding the hashtags #WWAmbassador and #WellnessThatWorks to her post.

Kate — who welcomed her third child, daughter Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa, just 10 weeks ago — later told People that her journey with WW couldn’t have come at a better moment in her life. “It came at a perfect time for me, because at this point after having three babies it’s like sense memory. You want to start getting back into shape and to get strong again and focus on your own personal health,” she explained. “It’s hard when you have babies. Everyone comes before you, and you have to find that time to just focus in on yourself.”

Kate shared that she’s already started using WW’s Freestyle Program and loved that it didn’t require her to overhaul her diet too much. “I don’t think it’s as much about changing anything, as it is about knowledge of the things that you love. That’s the thing that sets it apart to me from everything else. This is about understanding your wellness. It’s about understanding your fitness activity, understanding your food, understanding the things that you love. It’s about how to balance,” she added.