When Kurt Russell walked into Kate Hudson‘s life for the first time, she was still a little girl. In the first episode of her podcast with brother Oliver Hudson, titled “Sibling Revelry,” the Almost Famous actress recalls the “big moment” she realized the 68-year-old actor was becoming a father figure to her amid him falling in love with her mom, Goldie Hawn.

“For me it felt like such a big moment because it was like, ‘My mom is madly in love with this guy.’ For me, at the time, it was like, ‘Is this going to be my dad?’ And I was meeting his son [Boston Russell] which meant, ‘Does this mean that this is my brother?’ It was a lot to handle at such a young age,” she recalled on the podcast’s debut episode.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell with Kate Hudson

Kate’s parents, Goldie and Bill Hudson, tied the knot in 1976 and got divorced in 1982. Even though Bill will always be Kate’s biological father, she has grown up to be extremely close to Goldie’s new beau and even calls him “Pa” in the podcast.

“Kurt has always been close to Kate and [has] seen her as his own daughter, so he couldn’t be prouder as he watches her embrace motherhood,” an insider previously revealed to Closer Weekly about The Hateful Eight actor and the mom of three.

Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson

“He loves nothing more than taking the kids for a weekend if Kate is working or traveling and he’ll play video games with the boys and let them eat a lot of chocolate,” the insider continued. “Kurt is also head over heels in love with baby Rani and showers her with kisses and cuddles every chance he gets. He’s always picking out gifts for his grandchildren and it’s adorable to see how much he loves them.”

Kurt and Kate may not be related by blood, but he still treats her and the rest of Goldie’s kids like they were his own. So sweet!