If Kate Hudson didn’t pursue a career in acting, she could have definitely made it as a singer! The 40-year-old star showed off her amazing talent when she shared a video to Instagram of herself singing Mariah Carey‘s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

“It’s that time of year again and I think I’m overdue for a 🎶!” she penned the caption on Thursday, December 12. “If you wanna know what I do during a very long work day into [the] night, this here’s a pretty honest preview. (You should see me on night shoots …. ).”

In the clip, Kate belt out the 1994 classic while wearing a yellow tartan jumpsuit. She tried to keep her composure when she was making her way through the song but, towards the end, she completely lost herself in the music. The Almost Famous star began snapping and even did a couple of turns in her chair. She also rolled across the room twice before the video came to an end.

As Bill Hudson‘s daughter, Kate probably inherited her amazing singing voice from her dad. He used to be a vocalist in his family band, The Hudson Brothers. However, in 1981, Bill, 70, made his last album with his siblings. The following year, he and Kate’s mom, Goldie Hawn, got divorced.

Their family’s separation definitely had an impact on Kate, but it didn’t stop Goldie, 74, from being a doting grandma to her daughter’s three kids.

“Goldie loves being a grandmother. She went over to Kate’s house and they were both happy and crying. They are truly connected,” a source close to the family previously told Closer Weekly in January about when Kate revealed she was pregnant with her now 1-year-old daughter, Rani Rose.

Plus, Kate loves having her mom around. “Goldie is the best Glam-ma ever,” another source told Closer. “She and Kate are super close, but Goldie and Kate’s children, who all call her ‘GoGo,’ have a very special bond.”

We wonder if any of Kate’s kids could sing just as good as her?!