Some things are just meant to be, and Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux clearly were meant to be. Years before the ridiculously good-looking couple officially got together in 2011, the pair’s paths almost crossed in 1993. But Justin, young actor that he was at the time, slept through the chance meeting. Recently, the Leftovers star revealed that he had an audition set up for Friends, but he didn’t bother showing up. “I slept in that day,” he said. “I wouldn’t have been prepared for [the fame].”

Shortly after Justin moved to NYC to pursue a career in acting, he had a few auditions lined up, and Friends, ironically, was one of them. But apparently, something inside him told him the timing just wasn’t right. This wound up working out for the best, as Jennifer went on to marry Brad Pitt in 2000, and Justin got involved in a 14-year relationship with stylist Heidi Bivens. No doubt, Jennifer and Justin’s prior relationships made them better people and helped shape them into the (very compatible) people they are today, right?

Actually, from the sound of things, Jen and Justin got together exactly when they were supposed to. Initially, the pair met in 2007 on the set of Tropic Thunder, which Justin co-wrote with Jen’s pal Ben Stiller. Although she thought he was nice after they spent time together, the Horrible Bosses actress confessed that she found him to be a little “dark.” The two went their separate ways after the movie and that was that.

In 2010, the Friends alum and Girl on the Train actor hooked up again on the set of Wanderlust, a movie which they were both cast in. Jen evidently didn’t recognize Justin sporting his character’s long hair and bushy beard, but, as the story goes, that’s when things started getting hot and heavy between the two. Shortly after the movie wrapped, Jennifer and Justin were seen having dinner together and rumors started swirling about a romance brewing. However, not surprisingly, both parties denied anything and everything since Justin was still living with his girlfriend Heidi at the time.

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Of course, in 2011, the evidence was undeniable. The couple was seen kissing at an MTV Movie Awards after-party, and about a zillion sources came forth, saying Jen and Justin were the real deal. And, you know, when they got engaged in August 2012, it was kind of a dead giveaway. The couple wed in a super private ceremony at their home in LA in 2015. These days, the couple is still super low key, despite the fact that everyone knows about them. And from all accounts, their relationship seems stronger than ever — and who knows if that would have ever been the case had Justin been cast as Joey Tribbiani. The world may never know.