A happy face could be seen on Julie Bowen as she recently took her three sons to Disneyland. She wore a pin that said, "I'm celebrating," but one thing was missing — her wedding ring. Only days earlier, Julie and Scott Phillips, her husband of 13 years, had announced their plans to divorce. "They’re done — there's no going back," an insider exclusively tells Closer Weekly. "They've both moved on." Yet Julie is determined to make the split as painless as possible for their sons, Oliver Phillips, 10, and twins John Phillips and Gustav Phillips, both 8.

"The most important thing for kids is regularity and structure," says Julie, 47. "I really strive for it." To that end, the boys will spend quality time with both parents. "Scott's a great dad and has a place nearby, so he could be close to the boys," says the insider. "They’re going to try to make it equal. That was a priority for Julie and Scott. They’re taking the high road — they don't want the kids' lives to change drastically, besides their parents are not sleeping under the same roof."

Signs of tension within the marriage had begun to appear in recent years, as Scott — a real estate investor — grew tired of the Hollywood party scene and often left Julie to attend events alone. At last year's Emmys, which was around the couple's 13th wedding anniversary, Julie arrived solo. A few months later, the actress told Closer that if the couple were to have a second honeymoon, she'd want it to be "anywhere I can sleep a lot, and I can bring the kids. I love them so much." Julie and her boys are surrounded with affection as they navigate this tricky transition. "The kids are fine — they’re so loved," says the insider. "That's one thing they never lacked."

Thankfully, Julie can rely on her family — her real one and her TV one — in times of trouble. She's close to her sisters, Annie Luetkemeyer and Molly Luetkemeyer, and their kids. And Modern Family co-star Sofia Vergara "gives Julie hilarious but very sound advice," says the insider. "She tells Julie not to take life too seriously — to slow down, eat more hearty foods, and fewer salads, and stop exercising so much. Sofia often tells her she's too intense."

With Modern Family in its 10th and likely final season and a role opposite Melissa McCarthy in the upcoming comedy Life of the Party, when does Julie find time to relax? "When I get home and I can just hang with my kids," she told Closer. "That’s the fun part."

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