Julianne Moore understands the importance of appearance in her industry, but don't expect the gorgeous redhead to partake in extreme dieting to shed pounds.

The 53-year-old wasn't afraid to share her opinion on one particular celebrity trend: juice cleanses.

"I did a juice cleanse for the Golden Globes one year. I think I did it for three days," she shared in a recent interview. "To be honest, the only weight I lost was in my brain!"

And with a 12-year-old daughter at home, the Oscar nominee is extra careful with how she treats her body, but still gives her plenty of beauty tips to live by.

"For my daughter, Liv, we talk about different things as they relate to beauty," she shared. "I always tell her not overpluck her eyebrows — I remember overplucking mine in sixth grade, and I guess everyone does!"

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And while Liv is allowed to play with makeup, "I also remind her how beautiful she looks without it. I also try to remind her she can dress modestly and still look lovely."

When it comes to here own beauty, the actress admits it's a mix of different practices. "I drink a lot of water," she said. "I also can really tell the next day when I eat too much sodium so I try to avoid it."

Julianne admits she's not a fan of "noisy" workouts. "I tried spinning and didn't like it, it's just too loud for me…I do better when I am working out in quiet, which is why I like yoga."

And as for aging, it's far less scary than she expected. "I can remember being twelve and everyone was talking about the year 2000 and it seemed so far away," she recalled to NewBeauty Magazine. "I remember thinking, 'I will be 40 then' and it just seemed so old — I couldn't even think about it; it was utterly shocking."

But, Julianne added, "when you get there it's so much less serious than you anticipated. The changes aren't as vast and it all happens very gradually. Getting older is not as bad as you think."