What a transformation! Julianne Hough doesn’t exactly look like herself anymore after debuting a gorgeous new hair color on Instagram on Wednesday, Feb. 14. The 29-year-old star swapped her signature blonde locks for fiery red hair just in time for Valentine’s Day. “I have never felt more like ME than I do right now!! I have always felt like a redhead my whole life, even to the point that I’ve thought that my future daughter would 100 percent be a redhead!” Julianne wrote in the caption.

“I’ve seriously talked about doing this for six years, ask anyone who knows me… and now that I’m on this new journey, exploring, and finding out who I truly am, I said screw it! I feel more feminine and alive and I love it!” she wrote alongside four cute pics of herself rocking her new ‘do.

Since the Dancing With the Stars judge’s new hair color is so different from the blonde hair she usually sports, her 4.1 million Instagram followers couldn’t help but comment on her updated look. “Welcome to the club!! You look fantastic!! Absolutely gorgeous!!” one fellow redhead wrote with another person similarly adding, “Wow. Absolutely stunning. I love it!”

Though Julianne is a natural blonde, she has admitted that she’s dyed her hair so much over the years that she can hardly remember what her original tresses look like today. “I was a towhead until I was probably 17 when I started dying my hair. Now I don’t even know what I am,” the told Us Weekly in 2011.

“I would never do this, but I would love to shave my head and start over and have my own naturally-colored, healthy, beautiful hair. But in the meantime, I’ll just try to take care of it,” Julianne continued. “It costs a lot of money to get your hair done — it’s not cheap — but you don’t want to ruin it, and you want you go to the best person and the person who’s going to keep it healthy.” We adore your new red hair, Julianne!