Blonde bombshell Julianne Hough looked nearly unrecognizable when she hit the red carpet on Monday, Sept. 24 because she debuted a brand new look! The former Dancing With the Stars pro, 30, recently traded in her long tresses for a chic bob that closely resembles Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour‘s signature ‘do.

One day later, Julianne gave fans more details on her haircut via Instagram. “Detaching from what you know can be challenging, but also so freeing. 🙂 The best thing about hair is how you get to create, play, and just have fun with it! So here is a new look, courtesy of frizzy ends needing a clean cut after going from red to blonde,” she wrote. 

Though her new bob seemed like a spur-of-the-moment decision, Julianne’s hairstylist, Riawna Capri, actually revealed the actress had been thinking about the change for quite some time. “A year or so before her wedding, we decided to start growing her hair out for her ceremony, but she and I have been talking about bangs for a while,” Capri told People.

Capri added that it has been 11 years since Julianne had bangs because the style requires a lot of upkeep and her hair was just too long for them to work before. Fortunately, they were now able to find a hairstyle that worked perfectly for Julianne today. “Once we settled on this this blunt, chic bob, I was like, ‘Okay, we can do [bangs]. Let’s go for it!'” Capri revealed. 

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“We spent like two hours on it. I started small and worked my way up. When you do a big change like this, it’s always good for a hairstylist to build that trust with her client. If I would have just chopped it off from the get-go, there might have been doubt,” Capri explained. “I have never done this haircut on her, and I texted her that night, ‘thank you so much,’ because some people go to one person for a cut, and another for color — but she chooses me for all of it, and it’s such a great feeling.” We love your bold new look, Julianne! 

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