It looks like Julia Louis-Dreyfus‘ youngest son, Northwestern University basketball player Charlie Hall, may be following in his famous mom’s footsteps! During her visit to Late Night With Seth Meyers on Tuesday, April 16, The New Adventures of Old Christine star brought her son along and couldn’t help but gush about how “absolutely fantastic” he did during his cameo on the new season of her American comedy series Veep.

“It was actually [showrunner] Dave Mandel’s idea, God bless him,” the 58-year-old explained to the host of her son’s part in the show — which is currently in its final season. “There was this role of an inappropriately young boyfriend to a record executive who’s in his 50s, and Dave said, ‘Hey, maybe Charlie can play that part.’ And I said, ‘Sure, I’ll ask him.'”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Charlie Hall, Seth Meyers
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Although she was excited for Charlie, 21, to dip his toes in the acting pond, Julia couldn’t help but admit that she was extremely concerned about how it could go. “I was terrified because I thought he might screw it up,” the brunette beauty jokingly said as her son watched and laughed along from the side of the stage. “Sorry, honey.” Ha!

While his mom had a little apprehension, the basketball star thought his cameo “was a terrific idea” right off the bat. “A really, really great idea,” Charlie joked with Seth.

Despite being a tad worried, the Seinfeld actress certainly couldn’t hold back how proud she was of her handsome son. “I have so many photos of the monitor when he was on camera,” Julia — who is also the mom to her oldest son, 26-year-old Henry Hall — revealed to Seth, 45.

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“That is a really great thing because it shows that being a mom usurps being a television star, that you did a very mom thing there,” the Emmy Award-winning host said to his guest as she laughed along and agreed. “Even though you’ve been in show business for a very long time, you’re like, ‘Oh, you know what I’m going to want is photos on my iPhone of my son on a TV screen.'” Too funny!

Following the show’s appearance, Julia took to Twitter to share a sweet pic of the mother-son duo while smiling onstage. “Turned out to be bring your son to work day @LateNightSeth! We had a ball. Thanks so much! And #GoCats!💜 @charlie_hall23 @sethmeyers,” the mom-of-two wrote. It looks like we’re going to stay tuned to see if Charlie trades in his sneakers for costumes!