Thirty years after he played rebellious high schooler John Bender in The Breakfast Club, Judd Nelson admits he couldn’t be more different than the bad boy he once portrayed onscreen.

“I’m now that kid’s dad,” the 55-year-old actor joked in a recent interview on ‘Today.’

Just 26-years-old when he was cast as the “criminal” in the now iconic movie, Judd confessed he can hardly believe the coming-of-age drama’s success and lasting legacy since its premiere in 1985.

judd nelson 'the breakfast club'

Judd as John Bender in ‘The Breakfast Club.’

“You always hope, on every project, that [it will be] special, that it will stand the test of time — but you never really know,” he began. “I’m surprised, but pleasantly so.”

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“We were very fortunate. John Hughes, may he rest in peace, wrote a great script. I think that’s where it all begins. It’s like riding a fast horse: You don’t have to use your crop. You just have to not fall off,” he said of the movie’s director, who passed away in August 2009.

'the breakfast club' cast

The cast of ‘The Breakfast Club.’

During the sit-down with ‘Today’ anchor Savannah Guthrie, Judd also revealed he and his costar Emilio Estevez, 52, often hung out together during the movie’s filming and remain friendly today.

“We only had Saturday nights off because we worked six days per week, so every Saturday night I went out with Emilio, we went to downtown Chicago,” the ‘Empire’ star said.

Watch Judd’s full interview on ‘Today’ below!

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