If you ever feel like you’ve wasted your youth, don’t worry because Joy Behar is right there with you.

The 76-year-old comedian and co-host of The View recently attended a performance of Gloria: A Life, the off-Broadway show about Gloria Steinem. While there, Joy joined in with a section of the show that allowed audience members to share some of their own stories. According to Page Six, this was the time that Joy decided to tell everyone about her younger days, saying she “wasted my 20s, married a man, had a baby, moved to Exit 60 on Long Island.” Joy also revealed that she didn’t find her voice until she saw a comedian on television and realized she was jealous.

Joy Behar
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Well, we think that everyone feels like Joy feels once in a while, right? And while Joy can never get back her 20s, that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t lived quite the fulfilling life. Last summer, we were lucky enough to get some words of wisdom from Joy herself. “I’ve learned a million things, all sorts of lessons — I could go on for days,” Joy exclusively told Closer Weekly at the time. “Don’t hold back, say what’s on your mind, and be good to the people you love.”

“A sense of humor is a very precious thing, and not everybody has it. I feel sorry for people who don’t because it gets you through the day,” Joy continued. “If you have it, you should cultivate it — it’s a sign of sanity. Comedians must be listened to right now. We’re not beholden to a boss — we’re our own bosses — and we’ll say what we have to say. I have a forum, and I feel it’s incumbent on me to throw my two cents in.”

And Joy has been saying what she wants to say on The View since 1997.