As great as last season’s revival of Roseanne was, one of the frustrating things about it for fans was the fact that actor Johnny Galecki was only able to work in a single appearance as his character from the show, David Healy. Of course, that difficulty just might have something to do with the fact that he happens to star in one of TV’s top-rated shows at the moment, The Big Bang Theory. And now, with the Roseanne spin-off The Conners, it wasn’t sounding too promising that he would be be able to appear this season. Thanks to actress Juliette Lewis, however, we now know that the schedule stars have aligned and he will indeed be returning for at least an episode.

When Johnny did appear on the show last year, he established that he had a girlfriend — whose name is Blue, and who will be played by Juliette — and yet there was still sexual chemistry between him and Sara Gilbert’s Darlene Conner, to the point where the two of them slept together, though they didn’t actually get back together. Needless to say, this is going to become an issue at some point on this year’s The Conners

At the moment, Johnny is filming what is going to be the 12th and final season of The Big Bang Theory, which is coming to an end because co-star Jim Parsons has decided that he wants to move on. There are actually now some rumblings of a spin-off of the show.

The Conners was born out of the fact that Roseanne Barr, following what was perceived as a racist tweet, was fired and Roseanne immediately canceled by ABC. But it wasn’t long before there were some discussions about bringing the show back in some form without Roseanne, which is exactly what has happened. The character will be written out as having died (which Roseanne has expressed her opinion on), and we’ll see the rest of the family cope with that loss as they try and move on to the future. 

The Conners premieres on Oct. 16.