Last year, Gotti joined a elite list of films as it scored a dismal zero percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

You might think this would spell disaster for stars John Travolta and Kelly Preston, but you’d be wrong. Turns out, the real-life couple, who played John Gotti and Victoria Gotti, respectively, in the movie, are stronger than ever.

“John is working to compensate for dragging Kelly into the experience of making Gotti and the embarrassment that has come with its total failure,” a source exclusively told Closer Weekly. “He had the best intentions but they blew up in his face!”

John Travolta and Kelly Preston in 1991
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The source added that John, 65, has stepped up as a model partner for Kelly, 56. How so? By “really listening” to her needs and proving that she is important to him. He’s doing that through chivalrous acts like surprise flowers and home-cooked meals.

“He feels personally responsible for the failure of this movie and he’s helping Kelly find the perfect next role,” the source continued. The insider also said John hopes she will “land another Jerry Maguire or a TV series like Stranger Things.”

Kevin Connolly‘s Gotti ended up being a box office flop, raking in just over $4 million worldwide. It also snagged a few Razzie nominations including Worst Picture and acting nods for both John and Kelly, who have been married since 1991.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston's family in 2018
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John and Kelly have weathered many ups and downs together throughout the years. That sadly includes the tragic death of their son, Jett, a decade ago. Beyond that, they have remained solid for their surviving children, daughter Ella and son Benjamin.

In an exclusive chat, Kelly told Closer Weekly she “loved” starring alongside John in Gotti. One of her favorite moments was having the two-time Oscar nominee to run lines with over breakfast. That, Kelly said, was “so fun.”

“They’ve been a couple for 30 years now,” the source concluded, “and they’re not going to let one lousy movie ruin their good time!”