They are of course completely enamored with their baby boy, but John Stamos and wife Caitlin McHugh still recall how difficult their son Billy’s birth was.

“He wasn’t fully baked, so that was very scary in the beginning,” the 32-year-old actress told People of Billy, 1. “He was very, very small … fragile, little. Every time [he] fell asleep, you’re like, ‘Please wake up.’ [We were] constantly checking to make sure he was still breathing.”

“It all started when [Caitlin] had contractions, [but then] we went to the doctor and he said, ‘It’s not ready, why don’t you go home and have a glass of wine?’” the 55-year-old actor explained. “She normally doesn’t drink, and hadn’t drank for nine months … she had one glass of wine and she was hammered.”

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Some days are just better than others.

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“It was really funny. I get to the hospital and I said, ‘I already had a glass of wine, now it’s a party!’ Then they gave me the epidural and I was laughing all over the place,” Caitlin added.

The pair’s first child together ended up arriving to the world six weeks early. Today, though, he’s a very healthy boy. The Full House alum now reveals that parenthood is quite simple to him. “I waited a long time for a kid. I just had to meet the right person to do it with, and to straighten my life out. I was always meant to be a father, I think,” he said.

“He’s a natural. He would joke around about how he was never going to change a diaper, but he’s pretty good at it!” Caitlin said. “He’s such a happy, giggly guy. Fake sneezes make him laugh. But not real sneezes. Real sneezes kind of freak him out.”

The couple have always been very open about the joys of parenthood. “I’ve waited a long time. I’m 72 years old now so … It’s just the perfect time,” John joked during his appearance on Busy Tonight last November. “I’m glad I waited so I could, you know, devote my total self to my wife and to my child, and forget about myself because you get tired of your own self after a while … How do you keep them alive by the way?”

We’re just happy to hear the couple’s baby is healthy now and bringing them both smiles!