He’s the best! In a candid new interview, John Stamos opened up about everything from naming his baby son Billy after his late dad to the last time he sat down and watched an episode of Full House (Spoiler: It’s been a looong time!). On Monday, Nov. 5, the 55-year-old actor chatted with Busy Philipps on her new E! show, Busy Tonight, to talk all about his life today.

When asked by Busy what it’s like to be a new dad to baby Billy, 7 months, John gushed, “I’ve waited a long time. I’m 72 years old now so… It’s just the perfect time. I’m glad I waited so I could, you know, devote my total self to my wife and to my child, and forget about myself because you get tired of your own self after a while… How do you keep them alive by the way?”

He then opened up about him and his wife, Caitlin McHugh, 32, deciding to name their first child Billy after John’s father, William John Stamos, who passed away in 1998. “My wife was so gracious to let me name him after my father, Bill. Billy. And it was my dad’s birthday yesterday, and you know he’s been gone a long time so just to have his energy back in the house and say his name, brings back all that, and it’s just the best time in my life,” he shared.

During their sit-down, John also shockingly confessed to Busy that he hasn’t watched his hit show Full House in (wait for it)… two decades! “I haven’t seen it in twenty years,” he admitted. How is that even possible, John?!

John Stamos Billy Full House
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In early September, John and his wife, Caitlin, gushed about their baby boy during a red carpet interview and adorably revealed that they miss Billy all the time when they’re away from him. “We miss him already. We just watched a video [of him] on the way over here,” John said before Caitlin chimed in to add, “Even when he’s asleep, I’ll go like look at my videos of him because I miss him so much!” They seem like the cutest new parents ever!