It’s double date night! Earlier this week, John Stamos and his wife, Caitlin McHugh, decided to spend some quality time with the 55-year-old actor’s Full House co-star and close friend Bob Saget and his spouse, Kelly Rizzo, by going out to dinner as a foursome. The two couples dined in a posh restaurant on Tuesday, Jan. 8 where they were photographed snuggled up in a booth together. So cute!

“What can you say about someone you’ve loved for so long and want to spend the rest of your life with? But enough about @JohnStamos — We are both so lucky to have married these wonderful, beautiful women. And we know which one we are each married to… whew,” Bob, 62, captioned the Instagram pic of himself posing with John, Caitlin, 32, and his wife, Kelly, 39.

In 2017, Bob and John proposed to their lucky ladies less than a month apart from each other and both also got married to Kelly and Caitlin, respectively, the following year. A few weeks into Bob’s newlywed life, he sweetly told Us Weekly that Kelly makes him feel like he’s “20 again.” He added, “It’s very unusual. I fell in love with her, and apparently, she did the same thing.”

John and his wife, Caitlin, first met on the set of Law & Order: SVU and, at the time, didn’t know that they would later tie the knot and welcome a cute little baby boy named Billy Stamos. “He was playing a character who wanted to knock up as many women as possible,” the actress previously joked to Entertainment Tonight about her first encounter with John. “And I happened to be the last person and he ended up knocking me up.”

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“I actually got her. Took awhile but we did it!” John quipped in the same interview. Now that John and Bob have found their true soulmates, we hope they go on a lot more double dates — and share the cute pics on social media!