John O'Hurley Thinks 'Family Feud' Humor Became Too Crude While He Was Hosting (EXCLUSIVE)

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Oh, man! During an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, actor John O'Hurley opened up about leaving Family Feud after hosting the game show from 2006-2010. Today, the series is hosted by Steve Harvey.

"I had a wonderful time. It was time to put it to bed. When I left the show, I had kind of done my run. It was getting to be like a penis joke," he explained during a Facebook Live while promoting his latest flick, Swing Away. "It was no longer becoming 'family,' it was becoming more about how overt can you be? And I said, 'That's not what I want. That's not what I do.' So I had my time with it, and it was fun while I did it, but I'll leave that to someone who is more comfortable."

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The Seinfeld alum admitted he doesn't even watch the show today, but revealed, "I don't watch anything I do so that's not unusual. I make a point of not watching what I do because I'm not entertainment to myself. I feel much better when I do things, as doing them is theater, but I would rather remember how much fun I had than I would being like, 'I should have turned my head that way,' or, 'I need to be sharper.'"

He continued, "I don't want to do that. I don't want to be that kind of actor. It's no fun for me to just sit back and micromanage myself. I would much rather be myself and let things come through me and not have to watch or suffer the repercussions of what I do, and if it's entertaining to other people, good. I'm glad it was and there is a slew of people that stop me in an airport every day saying, 'Peterman!' So, a thousand screaming fans can't be wrong."

However, there is one celebrity match-up John wishes he could have seen during the time on the series. "Bryan Cranston against Peter Bergman from [Young and the Restless](http://www.cbs.com/shows/theyoungandtherestless/)," he shared. "Two of the smartest actors I've ever dealt with — I mean, savvy. I think that would be interesting, and I think they would end up in a fight in the parking lot after."

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