John Mellencamp’s Dating History: See All the Women He’s Dated From Meg Ryan to Nurse Jamie

Singer John Mellencamp has dated a few lovely ladies during his 39-year career in Hollywood. Whether it be a short fling or a long marriage, the star has learned a lot about love. But even though he has dated some really great people, none of his past relationships can ever compare to the one he had with Meg Ryan.

They are such an amazing couple,” John’s daughter Teddi Mellencamp exclusively told Closer Weekly in February 2019. “They are both smart and funny. Their conversations are interesting and like watching a ping-pong match. They really bring out the best in each other — like all good couples do.” But nothing good lasts forever.

In October 2019, the two lovebirds called off their engagement after spending eight years together as a couple. Although it was heartbreaking, a source told Us Weekly that the actress had “no regrets.”

She will always love John, and really, she’s not laying any of the blame at his feet,” another insider told Closer about the on-again, off-again couple in the same month. “He has to be who he is, but very importantly, Meg has to main her own vision, her own identity and plot out her life the way she feels is best. And right now, she feels it is best they go their separate ways.”

Due to them ending their relationship, John found love with someone else. He moved on with beauty expert Nurse Jamie Sherrill and “they’ve been together for at least a month,” a source told Closer on April 1st. “From what I know, it’s pretty serious.”

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, the pair have been spending even more time together in quarantine. The only thing Teddi wants is for her father to be happy. “Teddi is friends with Nurse Jamie. She’s known her for a while — before she started dating her dad,” a separate source explained on Tuesday, April 7. “She’s really happy for them.”

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