He basically said what we're all thinking! A few days after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding, singer John Legend gave the newlyweds some hilariously expert advice about starting a family. "I think you just have to listen to each other, love each other, take care of each other, communicate well. And then hopefully they can go off and make some babies, too. That’ll be great," John said in a new interview.

This interestingly isn't the first time the 39-year-old star has commented on Harry and Meghan's nuptials. Right after they tied the knot, John spoke out about Meghan's drama with her dad, Thomas Markle, that ultimately led to her father not attending her wedding.


"I think you don’t choose your family, first of all, as we know, and everybody’s got somebody in their family that might embarrass them at some point, and she’s in the most high-profile situation in the world," he told Billboard at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, May 20.

"We all have family we have to deal with and she had to deal with it in the public arena in a way that most of us would never have to, so kudos to her," John continued. "I think she handled it with so much grace and her family, her mother did too, so I’m happy for her, happy for Harry, and wish them all the best."

Unlike Harry and Meghan, John is already a father-of-two with his wife, Chrissy Teigen. The couple — who tied the knot in September 2013 — welcomed daughter Luna Simone Stephens, 2, in April 2016 and newborn son Miles Theodore Stephens, in May 2018. We're sure when Harry and Meghan do decide to have kids that John will have lots of parenting advie to give them!

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