Looks like it’s the fourth time that is the charm!

Back in 2012, John Cleese married his fourth wife Jennifer Wade, and he admits that he “finally got it right.” “I really recommend it. If you can find a wife you really like …” the actor said during an interview on the British show Lorraine. The star was married three times before he settled down with his current love, 47.

John Cleese Jennifer Wade
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While he and his partner are more than three decades apart, the Monty Python legend feels much younger, despite his 80th birthday around the corner. “80! I can’t believe that. No [I don’t feel grown up] not at all. I feel about 43. I wish I was 43. I know so much more about how the world works now,” he explained. “I realize the key thing is to realize that very little matters. Just a small number of people — the happiness of people around you.”

Now that he’s about to hit the big 80, John revealed that he’s ready to have quite the celebration. “Oh yes, oh yes. Going to make sure none of the Pythons are there — don’t want any of the grubby knights hanging around,” he joked.

Before Jennifer entered his life, the acting icon married his first wife, writer and actress Connie Booth in 1968 — the pair had one child together, Cynthia, in 1971. John said I do again in 1981 with actress Barbara Tretham, and they also had a kid, daughter Camilla in 1984.

John Cleese
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The marrying didn’t stop there, as in 1992, John and Alyce Faye Eichelberger walked down the aisle in 1992, parting ways 16 years later. Even though John is doing well today, and he feels a lot younger than his age, that doesn’t seem like that was always the case, as he once joked that he only had a handful of years to go before he passed.

“I have only got five or six years left and I will be gone — I won’t have to worry about ISIS or Ebola, I am looking forward to it,” he said while at the Cheltenham Literary Festival. “Most of the best people are dead – I will be in excellent company having a wonderful time.”

Well, here’s hoping John sticks around for a long, long time!