There's just a few more months to go before Joanna Gaines and Chip Gaines welcome baby No. 5! Although the Fixer Upper couple can't wait to meet their new baby boy, Joanna has revealed that she was completely in the dark when she found out that she was pregnant for the fifth time a few months back.

"I had been feeling a little emotional and crazy and thought, 'Wow, this isn't me,'" she told People in a new interview. "Then all of a sudden I realized, 'Hey, I remember this.' When I saw the results of the test, my jaw dropped. Chip was in the driveway about to leave when I called him back and said, 'We’re pregnant!' He was so excited. We're both just so excited."

It's been seven years since parents-of-four Chip and Joanna welcomed their last child but that hasn't stopped them from growing their family in other ways. Just last month, Chip surprised his wife and kids with three new pets: a dog, cat, and a cute little baby goat! And, now that their brood is expanding, the duo's tough decision to leave their hit HGTV show Fixer Upper couldn't have come at a better time.

"When we were done, we had no plan like, 'Let’s have baby No. 5,'" Joanna recently wrote on her blog. "It was a total surprise. But when we found out, it solidified that it was the right decision to leave when we did."

She added, "With our little ones getting bigger, we had this gut feeling that it was time to step back and focus on them and our businesses here in Waco, TX. And although that's why we thought we decided to step away from the show, we now realize with this little one on the way that there was a bigger plan in place for us all along."

The Fixer Upper couple hasn't announced what their new baby's name will be but it might start with the letter "D" like their older sons, Drake and Duke. One thing we do know for sure is that Chip and Jo's four kids can't wait to meet their new brother. "We're all rallying around this baby, which I feel is a sweet gift to our family," Jo said.