Forever young! You may know her from the hit 1980s series Dynasty, but now, at age 85, actress Joan Collins is embracing her continuing career, loving fifth marriage, coping with loss, and more.

Today, Joan has extended her 60-year acting portfolio with roles on American Horror Story. In addition, she’s enjoying life with her husband of 16 years, Percy Gibson, who is 32 years her junior. “Marrying a younger man has the advantage of being with someone who has vigor, vitality, stamina, and health, which certainly encourages me even further to keep in shape both physically and mentally,” Joan shared. She’s also still learning to cope with loss (her sister, Jackie Collins, died in 2015). “You never get over it,” she confessed. “I have a lot of her things surrounding me. We made so many memories here,” Joan said of her home in LA.

Joan Collins Percy Gibson
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All her life experiences have taught her to take nothing for granted. “You’ve got to eat life or life will eat you,” Joan revealed. “No one has ever said the word ‘fearless’ to me before, but I suppose in a way I am.” She added, “When you get to a certain age, there’s really nothing to be scared of anymore.”

Joan has been known for her portrayal of pot-stirrer Alexis Carrington on Dynasty for the past 37 years. “I was basing her on all the businessmen I knew who were heartless,” she said of the lead role. “The glamorous part with the over-the-top clothes, I based on one of my best friends. She was extremely glamorous, and unfortunately very miserable. But I don’t think Alexis was miserable. I think she enjoyed her life and lived it to the fullest.”

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And the brunette lives out Alexis’ motto of living life to the fullest three decades after the show ended! “Everybody said to me, ‘You’ll be over by the time you’re 24,’” Joan says. “Over and over again, I have been told this by men. But it hasn’t been true yet!”

And she has no plans to slow down! “I’ve worked hard all my life, but I wake up each morning thinking how fortunate I am,” Joan confessed. “Honestly, life makes me happy.”

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