It looks like Jimmy Kimmel‘s son Billy has made a full recovery following his open-heart surgery. The late-night talk show host recently made an appearance at the LA Loves Alex’s Lemonade charity event with his wife, Molly McNearney, their daughter Jane, and their baby boy. The family looked as cute as ever as they posed for photos with their fresh lemonade — and we couldn’t keep our eyes off little Billy!

This was the almost five-month-old’s first public appearance since he underwent surgery as an infant for his heart defect. Jimmy explained that Billy is doing well and how they’re excited to be able to attend events as a family. Watch the video below to see adorable photos from their outing!

How sweet — we’re so happy that Billy is recovering well. And, so are Jimmy’s fans. The star posted a photo from the event on Instagram and fans were eager to comment their well-wishes to the family. One wrote, “Wishing Billy lots of health!!! Good to see you happy.” Another added, “Billy is looking strong and adorable. Happy to see him out and about with dad.”

Jimmy previously revealed that this will not be his final surgery and that his son will have at least two more in the future. “We would like to get them over with and not have to think about it all the time, but it could definitely be worse,” the 49-year-old star recently explained. Thankfully, he has still been able to keep his light-hearted humor during this difficult time. “He’s doing great. Young Billy made his first visit to our office today. He’s juggling. He’s translating Flaubert from French into English. He’s really an amazing kid. No — he smiles. That’s pretty much it. He is very interested in ceiling fans. He likes those a lot. I could get him to pay the same amount for Netflix just to watch ceiling fans.” Aww, we wish Billy the absolute best!