As the world continues to mourn the death of Robin Williams, the late-night talk show hosts — comedians themselves — each remembered the immensely talented 63-year-old in their own special way.

The Tonight Show began with a "nanu nanu" from The Roots' Questlove, the goodbye Mork used to utter to his fellow aliens on the '70s sitcom Mork & Mindy.

As host Jimmy Fallon began to speak of the actor, he became visibly choked up, having to pause several times while holding back tears.

“He was one of a kind, he was unbelievable,” the SNL alum shared. “If you don’t know his standup, you should watch it right now.” He then performed a spot-on impersonation of Robin's signature voice.

At the end of the tribute, Jimmy stood on top of his desk, a la Dead Poets Society, and proclaimed, "O captain, my captain. You will be missed."

Conan O'Brien, who broke the news of Robin's death to his live studio audience on Monday night, decided to share a personal story of a gift he once received from the "funny, fantastic guy."

"What I think a lot of people don't know…is how crazily generous [he was]. He was so generous," the Conan host began.

"Just as a quick example of what he was like…I went through, publicly, a kind of bump in the road and I was feeling a little low," the 51-year-old explained, referring to his 2010 Tonight Show debacle.

"Out of the blue, Robin Williams buys me a bicycle. It sounds like a silly thing. He was the first person to buy me a bicycle since my parents bought me a bicycle…" the Massachusetts native recalled.

"He had it delivered to my house and it was the most absurd bicycle you've ever seen…it was bright orange and it was bright green and it had shamrocks on it."

He continued, "So, I called him up and I just said, 'Robin, I'm floored by this bike.' And all he would say is, 'Well, I know you ride and I know you would use it. Does it look ridiculous? Does it really look ridiculous?' I said, 'Yeah,' and he went, 'Good. Do you really look stupid riding it?' And I said, 'Yeah, I'm gonna look really stupid.' He's like, 'Well, then that's good then.'"

Calling the Oscar winner "the best talk show guest ever, probably," Conan added, "He had just that amazing spirit of fun—the generosity, but also the fun."