He’s one of the most iconic comedians that has ever graced the big screen — but Jim Carrey isn’t completely closing the book on possibly getting back to what kicked off his entire career: stand-up comedy.

The 57-year-old attended the TCA Summer Press Tour to promote his Showtime series Kidding on Friday, August 2, at the Beverly Hilton. While there, the actor was asked if he would ever consider doing stand-up again. “Yeah, anything can happen in this world. You never know. If I felt I had something to say,” Jim said.

Jim Carrey
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“It’s hard for standups nowadays though. It’s hard to get a place to work your stuff out, without the cell phones and all the stuff. It’s a different process now, but it’s all valid stuff. There’s some great standups,” he continued. “But, I keep going back to people like [George] Carlin who were just like, and I knew George a little bit and he has emerged after death as one of the, just the most important voices out there. The most honest, not agreeable all the time, but holy crap man, a guy who was not editing himself and did it so artfully. I could listen to him for hours.”

However, while the Liar Liar star isn’t saying no to trying out standup again, he does understand that traveling would continue to be part of his career — something that he isn’t exactly a fan of. “It’s not bearable. It’s not bearable at all. It’s the reason Michael Jackson took the sleeping medication. It’s stuff like this,” he explained. “It’s when you try to, you go, ‘Well, I’m f–king exhausted, out of my mind and yet, I know, there’s a lot of people counting on this.’ So, I know first hand for sure the feelings that people like that go through and the point that they get to where they’re 50 something and decide it’s a great idea to do a 50 city tour.”

“It’s like being a boxer your mentality goes, ‘One more big giant thing!’ the Fricking, ‘Thrilla in Minilla! One more!’ the Golden Globes winner continued. “And then you’re fricking punch-drunk or you’ve got to do it synthetically. And I’m trying to not do that stuff, so sometimes I’m  asleep in front of people.”

Jim Carrey

Before becoming a megastar, Jim kicked off his standup comedy career in Toronto — he once revealed how his father, Percy, helped him develop his act, and how much of a role model he was to him. “He was an amazing, incredible character,” Jim exclusively told Closer Weekly of his late dad. “I’m always drawing on my father to play characters. He was the kind of guy who if you talked to him for five minutes, you felt like you knew him for 50 years.”

“I would watch him hold court in the living room,” The Mask star recalled. “People invariably left holding their bellies and going, ‘Percy, you missed your calling.'”

Jim Carrey
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Even though stand-up was a success, Jim of course reached for bigger dreams. “When something works, people’s instinct is to grab it and stay with it as long as you can. I’ve never been comfortable with that,” the funny man said. “I say keep moving — everything is happening to you for a reason. Whatever you’re being given, even if it’s terrifying, is something that if you look at it the right way, you can become stronger because of it.”