She’s one of the biggest characters on Grey’s Anatomy, so it makes sense that fans are dying to know whether or not Jessica Capshaw has gotten plastic surgery. In a new exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, surgeons who have not worked with Jessica directly opened up about any procedures they think that actress may have had.

One thing they all agreed on? Jessica’s youthful complexion is likely due to the magical work of Botox! “It looks as though she may have had Botox to the forehead because it’s flat and smooth and her eyebrows are a touch higher,” Dr. Andrew Miller revealed to Closer.

jessica capshaw getty images

Jessica in 2000 (left) and 2017 (right).

Dr. Vartan Mardirossian suggests that she’s likely had Botox to forehead as well. “I cannot discern anything else,” he said. “She could have used ‘a touch’ of filler. She looks beautiful and natural and uses good skin care for sure.”

Dr. Adam Hamawy also thinks she may have gotten work done to her forehead. “Jessica’s wrinkle-free forehead looks like she’s keeping it smooth with Botox,” he told Closer. “But she hasn’t kept up with much more. I don’t see any signs of filler or other interventions.” We wonder if she goes to Jackson Avery for her procedures? Just kidding!

Plastic surgery or not, Jessica is beautiful, and we’ve loved following her storyline on Grey’s for the past nine seasons. She gushed about her role in a previous interview. “My favorite role is Arizona! To play a character for nine years, know her inside and out and have people connect to her is beyond thrilling,” she told Us Weekly.

And don’t worry, Jessica isn’t anticipating an exit from the popular medical drama anytime soon — and she isn’t worried about having her character killed off the show by creator Shonda Rhimes. “No [I don’t worry about dying]. I already lost a leg!” she joked to Huffington Post. “If I’m going to go, I don’t think I’m going to die! I’ll exit gracefully.”