Just because Jessica Biel enjoys hitting the slopes, doesn’t mean her son, Silas, feels the same way. In fact, speaking with Seth Meyers on Wednesday, October 23, the longtime actress, 37, hilariously detailed her 4-year-old’s first skiing experience. 

“We tried, I think, too early,” Jessica explained to the TV host, 45. At that point, Seth tried to jump in and claim he’s seen babies who enjoy skiing, but Justin Timberlake’s ladylove wasn’t having it. 

 “Not my kid. He was just like, ‘What, what, what is this?’ And then you put the skis on and he was like, ‘Really? Seriously? I can’t even move in this giant … I’m covered in down,’” Jessica continued. “He was not excited about it.” Seth then followed up, “I do feel like if you have a bad first experience with something, [it] will set you back a decade.”

Very true — and Jessica knows it! “Yeah, I’m worried,” she admitted. Of course, Jessica isn’t actually concerned with Silas losing interest in skiing. After all, her little guy has plenty of other amazing skill sets … including his sense of humor.

“Now he is telling the joke and gets the joke which is terrifying,” Jessica told Ellen DeGeneres during an October 15 appearance on her show. “He did this crazy thing [when] we were in St. Louis [and] Justin was on tour. He was doing a bit about, ‘I don’t like waffles anymore,’ and Justin was like, ‘What? What do you mean you don’t like waffles? Are you insane?’ … He goes, ‘I’m in St. Louis.’”

As it happens, Jessica’s greatest wish for Silas was that he would be a funnyman. “I would like our baby to inherit Justin’s charm and his sense of humor,” she told an Australian publication in May 2017. Who knows? Maybe Silas will end up in the spotlight just like his famous parents. Except instead of TV, movies or hit records, he’ll be landing standup specials.

We can’t wait to hear more about his comedic antics!