Could it finally be happening?! In an exclusive new interview with Closer Weekly, Jeremy Miller revealed that a Growing Pains reboot might one day be in the works because he and his costars Tracey Gold and Kirk Cameron are all “on board” with bringing the beloved Seaver family back to the small screen in the future. 

“I have spoken to both Tracey and Kirk and they are both on board,” Jeremy, 42, told Closer at the Roger Neal Oscar Viewing Dinner and Icon Awards on Sunday, February 24. “Joanna [Kerns] would be interested, but she would most likely only come back for a few episodes since she is the busiest director in Hollywood, but if we could get her to direct the reboot that would be amazing.”

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Thanks to a group text between Tracey, Kirk and Jeremy, they have all kept in touch with each other over the years and their chat has made it easy for them to work on the Growing Pains reboot together. “It’s really in it’s kicking around stages,” Jeremy revealed. “Alan [Thicke] was the motivating force behind getting it going, and when he passed it kind of fell by the wayside, so me, Tracey and Kirk are trying to see it through.”

Jeremy said he also talked to Patrika Darbo, who played four different roles on the show, about being a part of the revival as well as his “favorite human being on the planet,” Sam Anderson, who portrayed Principal Dewitt. “We loved our Growing Pains family and we were blessed to be able to share that with America. Being able to do that again would be very special,” he said about a possible revival, adding that if the reboot does happen, it would be a tribute to star Alan, who sadly died at age 69 from a ruptured aorta in December 2016. 

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“Losing him was very difficult. It still hurts. I tried to call him the other day,” Jeremy shared. “I had a project that I got approached about and I wanted to share it with him and see if it was a good idea, and I picked up the phone and started dialing and realized I couldn’t. In all my years I’ve only had one fan and one person have a negative thing to say about him in 30 plus years and it was just a guy who said ‘he kind of blew me off.’ I said everybody has bad days, but Alan never did that. He was the warmest most wonderful guy I knew.”

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