Any mother has a hard time dealing with her kids growing up, and for Jennifer Lopez, it’s happening times two! Her twins — Emme and Max — turned 10 years old on Thursday, Feb. 22, and to celebrate, Jennifer shared the sweetest tribute to them on Instagram. Check out the video above to see the emotional home video!

“It’s hard to get my head around the fact that it’s been 10 years since these two forces of nature came into my world and changed my life forever,” Jennifer wrote alongside the adorable video. “You healed my soul and rejuvenated my existence… you taught me about love and life and myself in a way I never imagined… and I am forever in love with those beautiful faces.”

The tribute featured both an array of pictures and videos from the twins’ childhood, ranging from when they were babies to them today. It was perfectly paired with Bruno Mars’ song “Just the Way You Are,” which is bound to bring a tear to any mother’s eye.

The 48-year-old shares the two twins with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, who also posted the video on his own social media account. The two married back in 2004, divorcing 10 years later in 2014, but have been able to maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship thanks to Emme and Max.

jennifer lopez, marc anthony, emme, and max getty

Jennifer recently got candid about how she and Marc have become amicable exes, saying that working together helped “repair” their relationship. The two worked together on the Spanish-language album Por Primera Vez, which was released in 2017. “It actually kind of repaired certain parts of our relationship that had been fractured from our marriage and our divorce and it kind of made us friends again,” the singer shared with Spotify’s ¡Viva Latino! podcast.

She continued, “Because when we first started working together, it’s how we met… we met working. And so we remembered that, like, oh right, we connect on this level of music.” She added, “And that’s what the album came out of.” So cool!