They’re one of the hottest couples in Hollywood! And since coming public with their relationship in May 2017, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been feeling the pressure from fans to get married.

But instead of being annoyed, the Second Act star gets it. “Everyone wants a fairy tale. They all want a romantic comedy, a happy ending. We all do,” she recently told USA Today. “But it’s not a movie, even if you see us on Instagram or on the shows.”

The 49-year-old actress has starred in romantic comedies a good time or two, so she understands why fans are hoping that her love with beau Alex will end the same way the films do. “We’re happy,” Jen assured. “We’re taking it day-by-day. And it’s great.”

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Jen is so happy with Alex, she can’t help but gush about him. “We love each other and we love our life together,” she told People. “The exciting part of our love is that we’re both very aware of how lucky we are to have found each other.”

If Jen and Alex were to tie the knot (let’s be honest, it’s not a matter of if but a matter of when), this would be her fourth marriage. The “Jenny From The Block” singer was previously married to waiter Ojani Noa, dancer Cris Judd, and singer Marc Anthony. Alex also was previously married to Cynthia Curtis.

The Maid in Manhattan star shares her 10-year-old twins, Maximilian David and Emme Maribel, with Mark, while Alex has daughters Ella, 10, and Natasha, 14, with his ex-wife. Jen gushed that the best part of having children with their previous spouses is being able to blend their families together.

“I was so loving to his kids and he was so loving and accepting of mine, and they embraced each other right away,” Jen dished. “[It was] ‘I get a new bonus brother and sisters to hang out with all the time and it’s nice.'”

In fact, Jen said that she and Alex made sure their kiddos were happy and comfortable with their parents’ relationship. We guess it’s easy to say that they certainly are. “2018 has really moved us to place where we feel like a real family,” Jen revealed to USA Today. “That’s nice. And it’s good enough right now.”

If you are interested in seeing Jen star in her new role in Second Act, the movie hits theaters on Dec. 21!