She has reached the mid-century mark, but don’t tell that to Jennifer Lopez, as the entertainer continues to remind us that she is works extremely hard on her body — and now she’s revealing how much she truly does to remain looking the way she does.

“I have always taken pretty good care of myself. I make sure I do intensive workouts at least three or four days a week, not because I’m in love with training but because I can see the results and I feel a lot better when I’m in shape,” the actress — who plays a stripper in her latest role in Hustlers — told The Sun. “As you get older it’s even more important to put in the extra hours of training to keep your body toned.”

The singer continued, and touched on the fact that she’s always had an extreme workout routine. “I started out as a dancer, and I remember whenever I arrived at the gym in the morning I would spend as many hours there as I could,” Jennifer recalled. “I would train until the point of exhaustion. So I have the ­mentality to be able to push myself pretty hard.” The performer also has some advice for any woman out there looking to start getting fit.

“Women don’t have an ­expiration date and we can’t be dismissed because we’re in our forties or fifties or whatever,” she told the outlet. And it seems people everywhere have been inspired by the A-lister’s determination, including Eva Longoria.

“Eva has been inspired by the likes of J.Lo and other fit celebs in their 40s, and she’s got the fitness bug big time. But she wants to take this a step further and is going all-out to bulk up and achieve a body that’s both shredded and jacked at the same time,” an insider exclusively told Closer Weekly.

“She’s drawn up a whole new diet consisting of tons of protein and healthy energy snacks that fire her up for hardcore gym workouts — two hours a day at a minimum. She’s lifting kettlebells and free weights at home, too, that’s how dedicated she is to pulling this off,” the source added. Sounds great!

We know that Jennifer will continue to work hard everyday regardless of her age!