Uh oh! Jennifer Lopez‘s 50th birthday party was apparently so exclusive that even her good friend Ryan Seacrest had a difficult time getting inside. The 44-year-old radio personality recalled being left off the guest list when he traveled all the way to Miami from New York to party with the “I’m Real” songstress.

“So, I get there, very excited because she personally invited me,” Ryan revealed during the Thursday, July 25, episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan. “So I get to the front and [the guy] has a list and I see there are a bunch of Ryans … and he says, ‘Well, you’re not on the list.'”

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“This is a true story. So I say, ‘Cleary there must be a mistake … she invited me personally. Can I see the list?’ Well, sure enough … there’s no Ryan Seacrest,” he laughed. Even though the TV host has made quite a name for himself working on American Idol, the bouncer still wouldn’t let him in.

“No, he says, ‘Just wait under the fan,'” Ryan further recalled. However, after he got a hold of Jennifer, everything was quickly sorted out — but another dilemma soon arose when Ryan tried to leave right in the middle of her dinner.

“We sit and I think there’s hundreds of people and I’ll be able to slip out. Well, I’m seated to the right of Jennifer and Alex is to the left of Jennifer. Which is great, but difficult if you have to leave,” he said. “Well, A-Rod [Alex Rodriguez] gets up and makes the most romantic, sweetest speech … So, I’m sucked into the romance movie and I didn’t want to leave.”

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Jennifer’s party was so much fun that it went on until 2:30 a.m the next day, according to Us Weekly, and after the bash was over she shared all of the best videos to her Instagram. Seriously, why would anyone want to leave the bash of the year?

What a great event!