Mom of three Jennifer Garner may have taken the route of acting, but she hinted her son, Samuel, might have a future in writing after showing off his latest work. The 13 Going on 30 actress shared a photo of the super relatable haiku her 8-year-old wrote about the worldwide coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday, March 31.

“Coronavirus / we eat we sleep we stay home / Thrilling it is NOT!” the three-line poem read on the family’s message board in their home. Samuel’s adorable pseudonym, Fitz B. Ireland, can also be seen credited at the bottom of the board’s frame. How fancy!

Besides the impressive piece of writing, Samuel added a touch of style to his haiku as he used different size letters throughout the three phrases. The intelligent youngster put an emphasis on “it is not” by using larger, bolder letters to finish off the message.

The Alias alum, 47, couldn’t help but brag about her little man’s final product. As she shared a photo of the haiku via Instagram, Jen joked “things must be getting bleak when an 8-year-old boy adopts a pen name and voluntarily writes poetry.”

Jen wasn’t the only one impressed by Samuel’s inspiring work considering her comments section was flooded with hundreds of messages from fans. “Couldn’t have said it better ourselves! You got this, Fitz,” one user wrote, while another commented, “Preach, sweet Fitz B. Ireland!” A third added, “Love this! Well done.”

Ever since social distancing measures were put in place amid the coronavirus pandemic, Jen — who is also the proud mom of daughters Violet, 14, and Seraphina, 11, with ex-husband Ben Affleck — has been trying to come up with funs ways to keep her brood entertained.

EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Garner was seen taking her three kids out for a walk

Because Los Angeles “is on lockdown” to reduce the spread of COVID-19, a source exclusively told Closer Weekly that the Peppermint actress is “having to keep them occupied in other ways.”

“They’ve closed all the hiking trails in L.A., so to get some fresh air, she’ll take them for walks on the beach and in the park … or they’ll play soccer or skateboard in the yard,” the source revealed on March 25. “She doesn’t want the children being glued to their iPads or playing computer games all day — so to keep them busy, they’ll bake and decorate cakes together. The kitchen is a complete mess afterward, but she doesn’t care.”

At least we know Jen and her kiddos are still having fun!

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