Admit it! We all have that one celebrity we’re completely obsessed with. For Jennifer Garner, that person is none other than famed TV personality Martha Stewart. During a recent appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, Jen admitted that she loves Martha so much that she named her dog after her. That’s right, her pet dog!

“When I was a young actress starting out and I would have auditions in the morning, I would come back and make myself lunch and watch her first cooking show,” Jen, 47, said about Martha, 77. “Back before she had a talk show or anything like that and it was just in the kitchen with Martha.”

The 13 Going on 30 star explained that she would only call her dog by her full name if she was being a bad pooch. “She knew that if I called her Martha Stewart she’d better get off the couch,” Jen laughed. “It depended if she was being good.”

Jennifer and her dog created so many great memories together since she was a young actress. “She was the world’s absolute best gorgeous dog and she and Martha Stewart, the actual human, loved that there were dogs in the world named after her,” the Alias actress gushed. “So she was always very sweet and very welcoming to Martha Stewart, the dog.”

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Even though Martha had her own run-ins with the law, she was still an idol in Jen’s eyes, so Dr. Oz decided to surprise the mom-of-three by bringing the real Martha on stage. At that point, Jen gushed about all of the great things that Martha has taught her about taking care of her home and her family.

”[Martha] taught me how to make a Thanksgiving [dinner]. We did Thanksgiving together and it has been the Thanksgiving that I’ve made for my family every year,” she gushed. “And it’s been 20 years.”

Sometimes you should meet your idols!