Actress Jennifer Garner has a great sense of humor! The Alias star showed off her amazing style in quarantine when she shared a few funny photos of her wearing different outfits at home.

“Quarantine, but make it fashion,” Jennifer, 48, captioned the Instagram snap on Monday, June 29, with the hashtags, “#Lockdownfierce” and “#DMtobookyourColonialZoom.” In one of the pictures, Jen appeared to dress up as Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones as her cat watched her in the living room, and in another, she drew on her face to give herself a fake mustache and unibrow.

However, the best snap was the one that Halle Berry liked. The Catwoman actress shared a laughing emoji in the comments section when she saw her friend relaxing in the pool with goggles and a wetsuit on. “You are a true fashion icon in every one of these,” a fan commented with the hashtag, “#LoveItAll.”

Jen seems to be having the time of her life in quarantine. Since she and her three kids, Seraphina, Samuel and Violet, have been social distancing at home, she’s been trying to find ways to “keep them occupied,” a source told Closer Weekly on March 25. “They’ve closed all the hiking trails in L.A., so to get some fresh air, she’ll take them for walks on the beach and in the park … or they’ll play soccer or skateboard in the yard.”

Since the Elektra star doesn’t want her children “glued to their iPads or playing computer games all day,” she would also “keep them busy” by making fun treats at home. “They’ll bake and decorate cakes,” the insider shared, and added, Violet is the one who has a knack for cooking.

“[She] takes after her mom and is a great cook so she helps Jen make dinner,” the source said. Although the kitchen would be a “complete mess afterward,” the mom of three wouldn’t really care because she got to spend quality time with her family.

Even though the 13 Going on 30 star can’t wait for quarantine to be over, she’s just enjoying every single minute she gets to spend with her kids!