You don’t have to tell her twice. Jennifer Garner knows all about the struggles of being a busy mom. On Monday, August 31, the actress shared a relatable video of her getting ready in the morning while trying to make snacks for her kids.

“Whatever Back-to-School means for you this year — it’s here!” she captioned the Instagram clip, which was shot in her own home. “If you’ve been hired to teach Reading, Writing and ’Rithmatic — let us make your job as Snack Lady a whole lot easier — with homemade tasting deliciousness and without added sugar.”

In the promo for Jen’s organic food company, Once Upon a Farm, she scrambled to prepare snacks for her 8-year-old son, Samuel, and her two daughters, Violet, 14, and Seraphina, 11, from scratch. But everything became easier once she opened her fridge and settled on a few packets of cold-pressed applesauce.

“#TheJuggleIsReal” she continued in the caption. “If my house is any indication, you are busy, Mamas! — and we are here to help.”

Jennifer, who shares her children with ex-husband Ben Affleck, has had her fair share of parenting struggles over the years. While talking with Dr. Aliza on the August 28 episode of her Dear Media Podcast “Raising Good Humans,” Jen revealed she once felt “embarrassed” when one of her kids threw a temper tantrum at Disneyland.

“I saw people staring at me and recognizing me and watching me, [other] parents. And I got so embarrassed in front of them,” she recalled about the day one of her daughters refused to wash her hands in the bathroom. “I snatched this one up and stuffed her hands under the sink. And I was so hardcore about it and … I still think of it and just, sorry, hunny.”


That day will always be one that Jen will never forget. She said some of her “worst parenting moments” are the times when she felt ridiculed. “The ones that go back that haunt me are moments where I felt embarrassed,” the Alias star explained. “Where I felt judged as a mom and I felt by my kids’ behavior and I was a horrible mom in those moments.”

Even though Jen had to learn how to deal with other parents, she’s still a great mom to her kids!