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Jennifer Garner Gives Son Samuel a Piggyback Ride After Picking Him Up From School

Actress Jennifer Garner is so in love with her kids! She gave her 7-year-old son, Samuel, a piggyback ride after she picked him up from school on Monday, February 24.

The whole time he rode on Jennifer’s back, Samuel couldn’t stop smiling. It was definitely an adorable moment the 47-year-old will remember! Although the Alias star’s ex-husband Ben Affleck wasn’t there, he’s been spending a lot more time with his kids since his relapse in October.

The dad of three has been spotted taking Samuel to swim class and picking up his daughters — Violet, 14, and Seraphina, 11 — from school. In a recent interview with Good Morning America Ben, also 47, revealed he “took the last half of the year off” to be a more hands-on dad.

“Drive them to school, pick them up, go to the swim meet — that is where parenting happens,” he explained. “It’s in the moments — you just take them back from soccer, they talk about something really profound, how they are feeling about something, and it’s like, that is where you get to be the parent. That is the joy of it. That is what I don’t want to miss.”

Jen has also been really supportive of her ex-hubby spending more time with the kids. The Good Will Hunting actor explained he wants to be there more for Violet, Seraphina and Samuel because he doesn’t want them to have the same childhood he had.

When Ben was younger, he admits his father was “drunk every day” and that severely impacted their relationship. “I always said that would never be me,” he confessed. “I am never going to do that. I wish [my father] had been sober during those formative years but what he has taught me is how important it is for me to be sober now during these formative years for my kids.”

Here’s hoping the next time Jen picks up Samuel from school, Ben is there, too! We’d like to see his dad give him a piggyback ride.

Scroll below to see photos of Jen having fun with Samuel!